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Small fishing boat

stl files to print on your own 3d printer

28 stl files, 38 parts to print

3D-printed Small fishing boat

This toy fits popular brick figures and can float on water.
Modular construction, the model can be extended with additional segments.
Ready to print on nano 3D printers
(min. required printing area 80*80*75mm).
Easy to print - no need any supports, brims or rafts.

Click and get free Small fishing boat files!

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Assembly manual

Needed parts or materials (suggested, you can use other matches parts)
  • glue (nedeed to glue 2 stern elements)
  • 2 very short teflon tubes (2 mm inner diameter, 4 mm outer) to seal the propeller shaft and rudder
  • 4 sets M2.5x6 screw+nut
  • 28 pieces M2.2x6.5 screw (DIN7981)
  • 1 metal (we recommend brass) rod for propeller shaft (2 mm diameter, 40 mm length)
  • 1 metal (we recommend brass) rod for rudder shaft (2 mm diameter, 90 mm length)
  • several short pieces of filament 1.75 mm for hinges
  • We recommend using PLA filament, nozzle 0.4 mm and layer height 0.2 mm, but you can test other settings.
  • All files are in print-ready positions, you don't have to rotate it on your slicer.
  • Print all elements with 100% filling, except for the lifebuoy.stl (25% filling).
  • You will find all wheelhouse windows in the windows-all.stl file, but you can print each one separately from window-***.stl files.
  • There are two versions of propeller: propeller-real.stl and propeller-easy.stl. The first version has real shape but is difficult to print, the second version is very easy to print but after printing you have to put it in hot water and manually bend the propeller blades.
  • Glue the two parts of the stern (hull-stern-A.stl and hull-stern-B.stl) firmly together, check carefully for holes.
  • After placing the propeller and rudder shafts check the hull is not leaking.
    • If the shafts are leaking you can use oil or grease.
    • If the hull leaks you can paint or varnish it.
  • Short ships may need to be trimmed by the stern. Before screwing down the deck you can use some ballast to balance the ship.
  • Use pieces of filament 1.75 mm to attach doors and hatches.

Assembly manual movie

Click to see assembly manual on Youtube.
You can pause the movie and skip frames using "<" and ">" buttons from your keyboard.


This model is free to use.

You can:
  • print an unlimited number of models,
  • modify and print modified files,
  • print models for a gift,
  • use printed models for education.
You can not:
  • use models for earn money,
  • sell printed models,
  • sell any stl files (original or modified),
  • publish or distribute any stl files.

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