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Wooden transport box

stl files to print on your own 3d printer

stl files: 2 , parts to print: 3

3D-printed Wooden transport box

This toy fits our train and ship models.
Ready to print on nano 3D printers
(min. required printing area 80*80*75mm).
Easy to print - no need any supports, brims or raft.

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Wooden transport box - Assembly manual

  • We recommend using PLA filaments, 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.2 mm layer height, but you can test other settings as well.
  • All elements are placed in print-ready positions, you don't need to rotate them in your slicer.
  • Elements are easy to print and do not require the use of supports, brims or rafts.
  • Print all elements with 100% fill, but if you like you can try other settings.
Connecting parts
  • The lids of the crate are designed to be snap-fitted. To install them, put them against the box casing and press it firmly.
  • The model is protected against the presence of the "elephant foot", but this error that most often causes problems when connecting the parts correctly. To avoid problems, first of all try to level the bed correctly.
  • If the parts do not fit together, try to file them down gently with a file or trim the disturbing edges with a small knife.


This model is free to use.

You can:
  • print an unlimited number of models,
  • modify and print modified files,
  • print models for a gift,
  • use printed models for free education.
You can not:
  • use models for earn money,
  • sell printed models,
  • sell any stl files (original or modified),
  • publish or distribute any stl files.