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Plumber puzzle

stl files to print on your own 3d printer

stl files: 5 , parts to print: 17

3D-printed Plumber puzzle

Logic game - Plumber Puzzle
A board measuring 11.5*11 cm and 16 puzzles,
each puzzle measuring 2.25*2.25 cm.
Easy to print - no need any supports, brims or raft.

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Plumber puzzle - Assembly manual

  • We recommend using PLA filaments, 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.2 mm layer height, but you can also test other settings.
  • All elements are placed in print-ready positions, you do not need to rotate them in your slicer.
  • We recommend using 25% padding, but you can test other settings.
  • You will need 16 puzzles for the game, you can print them all together from the plumber-puzzles-all.stl file or separately, in the given number:
    - 2 pieces of puzzle from the plumber-puzzle-tee.stl file,
    - 4 pieces of puzzles from the plumber-puzzle-straight.stl file,
    - 10 pieces of puzzle from the plumber-puzzle-elbow.stl file.
  • You can change the filament while printing to get a nicer effect. Change the filament at a height of 8.5 mm for the stand and 5.5 mm for the puzzle.

Plumber puzzle - game rules

The puzzle involves arranging the pipes in such a way that they connect both holes in the base.

The game has three difficulty levels:

  • the simplest (for the youngest): connect both holes, the remaining puzzles can be placed on the board as you wish,
  • medium: connect both holes, no open pipes can remain on the board, each of them should connect to another pipe or be ended with a plug from the base,
  • most difficult: use all the pipes to connect both holes.

Each variant can be arranged in several ways.


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