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Set of switches

stl files to print on your own 3d printer

stl files: 10

3D-printed Set of switches

Set of switches: left and right with a curve R=50 cm and a short supplementary track.

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Set of switches - Assembly manual

  • We recommend using PLA filaments, 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.2 mm layer height, but you can test other settings as well.
  • All elements are placed in print-ready positions, you don't need to rotate them in your slicer.
  • Elements are easy to print and do not require the use of supports, brims or rafts.
  • Print all tracks with 25% fill, but if you like you can try other settings.
  • If the tracks do not fit on your printer table, rotate them diagonally. This can help with longer items.
Printing in two colors
  • If your printer allows you to change the filament during printing, you can make rails of a different color.
  • The height at which you should change the filament is 4.1 mm (0.165 in) or more.
  • In your slicer, check which layer only the rails will remain on, and if your printer supports the M600 command, you can put it in gcode after this layer.
  • Remember or write down the number of the layer on which you want to change the color of the filament. This will be useful for printing all other tracks.
Fitting of track connections
  • The model is protected against the presence of the "elephant foot", but this error that most often causes problems when connecting the tracks correctly. To avoid problems, first of all try to level the bed correctly.
  • If the track joints do not fit together, try to file them down gently with a file or trim the disturbing edges with a small knife.

Assembly manual movie

Click to see assembly manual on Youtube.
You can pause the movie and skip frames using "<" and ">" buttons from your keyboard.


This model is free to use.

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